The tour operator ABK Travel has been operating since 2003. It was Lithuanian incoming tour operator for Russian, Belorussian, Latvian, Azerbaijan markets. Later our company started to work as a SPA and wellness outgoing tour operator.
Over 15 years, the company has sent more than 40 thousand tourists to various health and medical institutions in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia and other countries.
We also offer relaxation and sanatorium treatments in Lithuanian resorts. Over the past four years, more than 10 thousand tourists ordered recreation and sanatorium treatments in the Lithuanian resorts such as Druskininkai, Birštonas and Palanga.
In carrying out our activities, we also organize various seminars, presentations, promotional and business events in the field of the Spa, health and medical tourism. The last three years we have been specializing in medical tourism. We became Turkish health travel consul in Lithuania.
Our partners are wellness hotels, SPA Medicals, hospitals and we know their offers and possibilities perfectly. We are working with customers as well, and we know their wishes and needs.
Our huge experience and knowledge in our field makes our projects successful and profitable. Attention to the details and the ability to anticipate customers’ needs and deliver what is required as well as execution according to the plan combine to offer a level of precision and comfort which is making our service successful top-class service with a smile.


Lithuania is a beautiful country in the Baltic Region, considered to be one of the Baltic States, located in the middle of the eastern and western European, also known as the European geographic center.


Vilnius airport is comfortably placed just minutes away from the country capital’s center, which today is a rare thing. As a member of European Union, Lithuania is a part of Schengen zone, which proves to simplify travelling. Good road infrastructure and focus on safety of all traffic participants allow for effortless navigation within the country.


Lithuania provides excellent services for an affordable price. You can speak in English and Russian languages freely. 97% of 25 to 64 years old Lithuanians speak at least one foreign language and rank second in Europe (2017) for knowing foreign languages. Also, we are one of the leading European states in terms of business growth, IT talent, science innovations, higher education rates for young professionals and other significant aspects.